Rowling Enchants Again with Cursed Child

I wish this play did not exist.

That might be too extreme. Maybe I am just jealous that I don’t get to see “Cursed Child” at the West End in London, but this screenplay/book just wasn’t that good.

The “Cursed Child” screenplay was released in book form on July 31, but I waited to start reading it. I was trying to put off the inevitable. I did not want to ruin the perfect Harry Potter world for myself.

This book is sort of the sequel to the seven Harry Potter books. It follows the story of Albus Severus, the second son of the famous Harry Potter nineteen years since Harry’s final battle. Harry Potter is overworked, Hermione is the Minister of Magic, and Albus is a misunderstood child.

We soon learn that Albus Severus is not like his father. Albus is angsty, not very good at quidditch, and above all else, he is Slytherin. With the help of Scorpius Malfoy, the son of Draco, he goes on a mission to save someone we all loved in the original series. The duo of cursed children almost destroy the world it in the process. Of course, all was well in the end.

I did not know what the point of this book/play was. I also just didn’t like that it was written as a screenplay and not in novel form. I was wishing for the classic world of Harry Potter and the cool descriptions and the wonderful details everyone loves. However, it probably makes more sense to see the magic live onstage.

But let’s get down to the review. The first thing is that I wish this book was not written. It was not the worst thing I had ever read, but I should not have to say that about a Harry Potter installment. I should be obsessed with this screenplay, rereading it again and again, but I don’t want to pick it back up.

One of the other things that bothered me was that the writers made Harry Potter become a mediocre dad. I think that Harry would not be anything like that. He grew up with a horrible family, so he would try his best to give his family the best life they can have. It did not seem to fit with what Harry Potter was like in the books.

One of the last things that I have to critique is that some of the characters were totally not what they should have been. Rose Granger-Weasley, Ron and Hermione’s daughter, was not the nice, down to earth girl that those two would have raised. Delphi, despite being important to the plot, was also not a well-developed character.

Ron Weasley’s character was sadly only used for half-funny quips and releasing tension. Why didn’t the writers make him the person he was in the book, someone who helped Harry through hard times and was one of the most loyal characters in the series?

A redeeming factor was definitely Scorpius Malfoy. He was the saving grace of the play, and he was the only character I liked throughout from the time he was introduced to the last act.

“Cursed Child” would have been fine as a standalone screenplay, but I had such high expectations. It’s just hard to pick something new and different up when you grew up with one of the best young adult series and fell in love with it. It just did not stand up to what it could have been. It could have been so much more.

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