The “trip” of a lifetime

Who needs drugs when you have “Doctor Strange”?

“Doctor Strange” came out on November 4th, and I have interesting feelings about it.

This movie made $85 million dollars its opening weekend, which beat Marvel hits like “Captain America: The First Avenger” and “Thor.” “Doctor Strange” also notched as the 13th best November opening of all time, and the 14th consecutive number debut for Marvel, this being film number 14.

I honestly really liked the movie. It was not full of the action that “The Avengers” had, and was not full of these hilarious jokes like “Ant-Man;” it was its own thing.

Directed by Scott Derrickson, Benedict Cumberbatch plays Doctor Steven Strange, a brain surgeon with an ego as big as a house, finishing a very difficult operation. He had a perfect record of operations because he only takes cases that he can solve. He is driving home and talking on the phone when he gets hurt badly in an accident. His hands, his instrument, have to have an impossible number of pins inserted into them, leaving him barely able to wiggle his fingers.

Strange tries every operation he can to get his hand working again, but nothing helped. One day, he hears about a man who became paralyzed from the waist down, but was suddenly able to walk again. Strange decides to find this man.

This man tells him to go to Kathmandu, Nepal, to seek out the “Ancient One.” He finds this place and his mind is open to the secrets of the Universe. The Ancient One teaches him that there are infinite multiverses, and she teaches him to harness the power the power of the Universe and do magic.

While this is happening, Caicilius, a former student of the ancient one, steals a page from a sacred text; the spell to harness the power of the Destroyer. Caicilius and his followers try to use the spell to summon him to help destroy the world and go to his Universe.

Rachel McAdams stars as Strange’s love interest. She was wonderful in her role but it could have been a bit bigger. I hope that we will get to see more of her character in the movies to come, because I really want to.

Tilda Swinton also did excellently as “The Ancient One.” She really embodies what I would think as this all-knowing goddess type.

Chiwetel Ejiofor played Baron Mordo, and he did amazing portraying a character that goes through a huge arc. Ejiofor has also been in hit movies like “The Martian” and starred in the Academy Awards Best Picture, “12 Years a Slave.”

This star-studded cast had great chemistry, and worked very well together on stage, but honestly, my favorite character was Doctor Strange’s cape.

This movie was a trip for sure. When Strange is learning about magic, he goes through the Universes spinning with so many colors and shapes and patterns. It was beautiful, though.

This movie also had some jokes, just not as many as “Ant-Man.” It was mostly Strange saying something sassy that the others didn’t get.

You could say there were two big fight scenes in the movie. One, where Doctor Strange is fighting Caiclius alone and also trying not to die, and the other when Caicilius and his followers try to take over the Hong Kong sanctum, bringing The Destroyer to this Universe.

These fight scenes were good, but were not the biggest part of the movie. They did not have all the death and despair like some other Marvel movies, but almost smart combat. This movie is so much different from its other Marvel brothers. It did not rely on the pull of action and huge casts and millions upon millions of dollars; this movie feels like its own thing.

“Doctor Strange” creates this sense of wonder and question in your mind about the magic of the world, and I recommend watching this movie to anyone.


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