‘The Bachelor’ returns with hot and steamy new drama

“The Bachelor” is a popular reality TV show that has entranced women of all ages. ABC has been producing “The Bachelor” for twenty one seasons. This season is possibly the most controversial season due to the bachelor, Nick Viall. Viall is having his fourth run on this show, but this time he is the leading man.

He was previously a contestant on ABC’s “The Bachelorette” season 10, with popular bachelorette, Andi Dorfman. Dorfman was a likable, Atlanta native that wanted to find a husband that would fit seamlessly into her urban lifestyle. While season 10 was filled with vicious competition, it was also filled with men that were NOT here to make friends.

Viall was the season’s front-runner, competing for Dorfman’s heart alongside a dominating alpha-male, Josh Murray. Murray and Viall became immediate enemies during filming. Murray being an aggressive and possessive male and Viall being a sneaky and conniving weasel, it’s safe to say they were never friends. Dorfman built a connection with Viall so strong she allowed him to propose to her, before ultimately rejecting him while he was on one knee.

While Viall ended the season as runner-up, his time in the spotlight hadn’t run out yet. He cemented his place as villain during the “After the Final Rose” episode where he confronted Dorfman about having intimate relations with him in the Fantasy Suite even though she didn’t love him. ABC’s producers took note of Viall’s antagonistic behavior and his witty yet scathing remarks, catapulting him to ABC’s bachelor villain family.

Viall shocked viewers when he appeared on season 11 of “The Bachelorette” during episode 4. Bristowe, the season’s Bachelorette, was in the process of forming meaningful relationships with the remaining men in the house when her former fling, Viall, appeared to reignite their old flame. The pair formed a relationship prior to Bristowe’s announcement of becoming the bachelorette over twitter DM’s.

Viall came onto the season determined to win Bristowe’s heart, despite her strong and physical connection with front-runner, Shawn Boothe. Viall continued his tirade of malicious behavior by making a point to alienate himself from the other contestants. Viall went as far as having an intimate relationship with Bristowe before the Fantasy Suite and successfully turning everyone in the house except Bristowe against him. Viall once again built a connection that took him to the final two, but once again he is rejected by a woman who simply would prefer the other, more masculine man. Viall left the show with a broken heart and a damaged ego.

America thought they had seen the last of 36 year old Milwaukee native, when in a delightful turn of events Viall appeared on season 3 of ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise”. Viall’s journey in Mexico alongside 29 other hopeful romantics turned into a redemption season, and he appeared as a mature and caring man truly looking for a successful relationship.

Although 30 cast members were fighting to find love, Viall made an individual effort to forge a friendship and a romantic relationship with former Bachelor contestant, Amanda Stanton. Stanton, a mother of two, was rejected after Hometown dates on Ben Higgins season of “The Bachelor”. Both came onto the show with open hearts and minds and went on a romantic date on a yacht, giving the pair hopes of finally finding love. Viall’s true nature was tested when long-time rival, Murray joined the season, vying for Stanton’s heart.

Murray was under fire from ex fiancé, Dorfman, about verbal abuse allegations in her “tell all” book. The choice between warning Stanton and politely backing down was weighing heavily on Viall. Viall ultimately decided to both warn Stanton of Murray’s abusive past while also stepping down and allowing her to make her own choices in regards to a partner. Viall not only proved he had matured in relationships, but he had learned to be a friend to the other cast members.

Bachelor Alumni, Ashley Iaconetti, helped the viewers to see Viall’s more caring and friendly side. Iaconetti was a friend and a huge proponent of Viall and his journey to find love. Although Viall’s new relationship with Jennifer Saviano didn’t make it past the beaches of Mexico, America’s minds were changed about the villain.

Viall has made his last presumable appearance for “The Bachelor” franchise on season 21 of “The Bachelor”. Viall has been given the opportunity to find love for the fourth time on national television.

This season features 30 eligible women fighting for the top spot in Viall’s heart. Viall might have fooled America on “Bachelor in Paradise”, but he is no saint and he has not matured one bit. Season 21’s star, Corrine Olympios, 24 year old multi-million dollar “business owner” has cast her spell on Viall. Her claws have sunk deep into Viall’s heart and they are there to stay.

Viall being 36 and Olympios being 24 seems to pose no problem to the ABC playboy. Every other women on season 21 has exposed a horrifying facts about Olympios’s life including her nanny that takes care of her. The women on this season are dissatisfied with Viall and Olympios as a couple. The immature nature of Olympios has America and all of the cast confused about Viall’s true intentions.

Has Viall matured into the 36 year old man America wants him to be? Or has Viall regressed back into his malicious and deceitful character? Only time will tell.

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