Stars align these signs

Aquarius and Libra

A match between Aquarius and Libras will be filled with care free dates and light-hearted conversation. As an air sign, Aquarius partners will be imaginative and spontaneous when planning dates for their significant other. Libra also being an air sign leads to twice the fun when spending time with an Aquarius. They pair will have a sunny disposition and a positive outlook on life. The conversational chemistry will make sure to keep this relationship thriving for a long time.


Pisces and Taurus

Pisces and Taurus couples are sure to have a fiery relationship. As an earth sign, Taurus partners are very stubborn and rely on steady and strong relationships. Pisces are water signs and therefore appear slightly unstructured, which can clash with their Taurus partner. Aside from their structural issues, the couple is very creative and loves to plan intricate dates. Pisces and Taurus couples are seamless companions and lifelong loves.


Virgo and Cancer

Virgos being earth signs are very grounded and realistic, whereas Cancers are water signs therefore slightly more relaxed. This pair becomes fast friends with similar lifestyles and interests. The emotional connection between these signs is strong and unbreakable. Virgos appreciate the Cancers ability to give instead of take emotionally. This couple cherishes security and safety, an obvious positive match.


Leo and Gemini

Leos are fire signs, which means they are sometimes hard to get along with. Although they may seem intolerable at times, Geminis are willing to put forth the effort to make the relationship work. The conversations between the two are fascinating and stimulating. The two will spark up a traditional romance that will last the ages.


Sagittarius and Aries

Sagittarius and Aries have a chemistry that builds fast and is strong. They find they have a twin soul in each other. Both are independent explorers that love to keep busy with adventure and activities. The pair loves to spend time outdoors and in the fresh air. While they love spending time with each other, they also love to spend time alone. The couple has a positive future and many things to look forward to.


Scorpio and Capricorn

Capricorns and Scorpios are a perfect pair due to their alpha personalities. They love to spend time on creative and wild dates. This pair thrives when visiting a new place or going to a theme park. They have similar mannerisms and that can cause some arguments, but they always manage to work out their issues. This couple will last the test of time and make it through all their issues.

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