‘Rainbow Kitten Surprise’ returns to the coast

Rainbow Kitten Surprise, a popular indie/ alternative band hailing from Boone, North Carolina, is bringing its soul-turning sound to Vinyl Music Hall in Pensacola on Oct. 17.
For frequenters of Hangout Music Fest, Rainbow Kitten Surprise is returning to our quaint residence for a more intimate show at Vinyl’s smaller club venue. With their song “Devil Like Me” hitting #16 on Spotify’s Viral 50 chart, the ticket stub for this show is up for prime real estate in your mementos shoebox.
Sam Melo and Darrick “Bozzy” Keller started jamming together in their dorm room at Appalachian State University in 2013, but once lead guitarist Ethan Goodpaster, bassist Charlie Holt, and drummer Jess Haney joined them, the band quickly began gaining ground in Boone, the place they’d soon fondly remember while traversing the country playing the songs they’d dreamed up in their cramped dorm room.
Rainbow Kitten Surprise, named after the phrase a pal kept repeating while still loopy after surgery, capitalized on the folksy college town music scene of Boone before expanding their fan base to a worldwide audience and broadening their sound.
“In college, there’s that culture of going out and seeing music. There’s a built-in crowd at a lot of venues. And everybody talks like all the time, so word of mouth spreads really quickly compared to other towns,” said Holt. The band’s new song “Free Fall” takes on a more hip hop style, which could be indicative of their third album set to be released sometime this year. Their last album, “RKS”, was released in 2015.
“Rainbow Kitten Surprise” is known for its stirring lyrics that are so uncommon in the pop music scene today. Lead singer Sam Melo cites lead singer and guitarist Isaac Brock of the rock band “Modest Mouse” as a central influencer in his writing.
“Rainbow Kitten Suprise” stays committed to writing passionate music that goes beneath the surface of the music industry and the glamorous facáde it portrays, while balancing their poetic lyrics on a foundation of relentlessly good guitar skills. I mean it- these guys can really play.
While their genre is indie/alternative, this band’s performance is anything but the stereotypical chilled out vibe. Lead singer Sam Melo is not afraid to whip his beard back and forth while busting out some vintage rocker moves, and his bandmates follow suit on the frets.
This band is sure to fill up every corner of Vinyl with their raw, expressive lyrics and dynamic sound that spans many genres and caters to every taste in Pensacola.

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