Cell Phones Incarcerated

Gulf Breeze High School teachers have introduced a new method of keeping students focused and their work honest this year: cell phone lockers. These tiny metal boxes are designed with the hopes of eliminating any potential distractions and minimizing cheating in the classroom. This is made evident by the increase in average test scores from class to class throughout the day. Distraction from class activities and lessons is also an issue that is in no way helped by cellphones.

The teacher behind this new idea is Mrs. Gutshall. “The being on them in class and the cheating had just gotten so bad”, said Gutshall. “[The lockers] are the best, most awesome thing ever”.

Some teachers will likely only use these lockers on test days, but some will require them to be used all the time.

It’s possible to credit the inspiration for this idea to Mrs. McDonald, a former teacher at Gulf Breeze High School. Her system was that at the beginning of class, students were required to place their cell phones in a calculator holder that was in the front of the class.

This was a fairly unexpected policy change in the classroom, given that just two years ago it became permitted for students to use their phones in the hallways between classes.

Despite students being allowed to use their phones, many teachers did complain that students used them too much during class, even when the “STOP” sign present.

Perhaps the phone lockers will decrease cheating, but there will never be a way to completely eliminate that problem. As long as there are graded assignments and students who don’t study, cheating will be present.

Certain factors of a student’s life may in fact require them to be in reach of a cell phone at all times. This makes it more difficult to justify student’s phones being locked away. However, the lockers come with outlets, so at least student’s can charge their devices while they’re incarcerated.

In addition, many teachers have students use phones in class for academic purposes. These lockers make it more difficult for teachers who use this method. Dr. McCormick for instance has students use their phones to show them that they can solve a great deal of math problems using the Internet.

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