Overcrowded and Uncomfortable: A Student

Gulf Breeze High has seen a huge rise in population this year. With 1,720 kids enrolled, it’s a record breaking number for the school.

“We’ve had a steady increase over the last several years,” says Principal Danny Brothers. “This particular year, though, we had a pretty good jump.” This large number results from a very large freshmen class, 234465262, and an increased number of transfer students.

It could be that Gulf Breeze is a nice place to live with a family. With a great school system and higher education opportunities than other areas, many people choose to live in the Gulf Breeze area when they are faced with relocation.

Since 2000, there has been a 9.4 percent increase in population in Gulf Breeze.

So, what does this increase in students mean for Gulf Breeze High? Besides the hallways, parking lots, and cafeteria being a bit more crowded, nothing has really changed too dramatically.

As for the number of people in each class, though, Principal Brothers said, “We will hopefully add a teacher or two to alleviate some of the congestion in the classes.”

This could prove to be tricky, however, because the number of teachers entering the work field is diminishing.

The Santa Rosa District Super Intendent, Tim Wyrosdick, hopes to establish a teacher recruitment plan with the school board. He mentions offering incentives or pre-developed contracts as possibilities for this plan, as reported by the Pensacola News Journal.

It is still uncertain how the school plans to accommodate the potential new teachers and classrooms; the schoolboard could invest in more portable classrooms or trailers, or they could build entirely new classrooms and buildings.

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