Erin Cosky: is is rocket science! 2017 Teacher of the Year

Erin Cosky, the AP Environmental Science and Earth and Space science teacher, won Gulf Breeze High School’s 2017 Teacher of the Year. She says, “It was really exciting. It was humbling to know that my peers chose me and it felt really nice.”
Mrs. Cosky grew up in Chicago Illinois, and was going to go to the University of Miami in Ohio for a degree in Environmental Science, but decided on the University of Kansas instead because they “were wearing sweatpants around campus.” She wanted to be a scientist, but found out that she would rather teach the younger generations about how to change the world. That way, she can help save the planet even more.
“I was going along the path of being a scientist helping with coral or climate change, but I realized that I would be way more effective helping students learn how to love some portion of science. If they love it, then they will choose to save what that portion is.”
Mrs. Cosky has two children, a girl of ten and a girl of eight. Her husband, is a retired Navy and Coast Guard Pilot.
“I’ve only ever taught here. I took seven years off to stay with my kids when they were younger, and then came back to Gulf Breeze when Mr. Brothers asked me to.”
“If these solar panels go up within two months, that will be my biggest accomplishment. I am really excited about that project,” said Mrs. Cosky, She has been advocating for solar panels to help with the energy used at Gulf Breeze High for some time, and just recently got a huge grant that helps with the cost and allows to put some on the roof (read more about that on page 2)
Mrs. Cosky says that she feels the most proud when students connect with her later in life and tell her how she affected them. “Every time that happens, that is my proudest moment.”
She loves to work with kids, high school students especially. Teaching is her invocation.
“My favorite part about teaching is interacting with the students and planning lessons.”
Mrs. Cosky is also the Science National Honor Society sponsor and runs Science Day every year for the past three years.
“I always try to live on the glass half full side. I want everyone to see the positive in life. One of the biggest things that I see is the people that just show up. The people that always show up get things done, even if they are not considered the smartest in the room or the most athletic. If you always show up, then you are going to achieve something.”
Amy Parker, previous Teacher of the Year, said, “Mrs. Cosky is the epitome of professionalism. She is dedicated to her students- regardless of their ability. She is innovative, tough, fun, and focused. I can think of no better representative for Gulf Breeze High School!”

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