Sustainable Futures brings solar: panels are the new edition

On November 5, Sustainable Futures, a subsidiary of Science National Honor Society, applied for a Will Do grant to fund a solar panel installation on the school.
Will Do, a philanthropic organization of women in our community, seeks to make change through giving grants to worthy causes in our community.
Sustainable Futures members Addie Sims, Maddie Adkison, Michael Palermo, and Natalie Cross began the project this summer after Mrs. Cosky approached them with the idea.
“I was really excited when Mrs. Cosky told me about the project because it will be of great educational value to the school and it is particularly interesting to me because I’d like to major in environmental science in college,” said senior Michael Palermo.
To get the grant, Addie Sims presented the project in front of the Will Do members, who voted on which two projects from each category would receive funding.
After competing against many outstanding projects, Sustainable Futures was granted an award of $9,767.68 for the installation. The panels will be placed on the building behind the cafeteria along with signage to explain the project.
While the panels themselves won’t offset the cost of the school’s energy consumption by much, Sustainable Futures’ goal with the project was to start a conversation about alternative energy and educate students about solar power.
The Will Do grant will cover the cost of the installation, but Sustainable Futures will continue to fund raise for other aspects of the project. The solar panels’ energy production will be tracked by a monitor attached to a phone charging station so students can see for themselves just how much energy they use each day. The raised funds will also go towards an artistic donor wall to brighten up the halls of GBHS and signage explaining the project and the benefits of solar energy.

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