Kaepernick: Free speech or disrespect?

Colin Kaepernick used to be the starting quarterback for the San Fransisco 49ers, and now, he’s created more controversy than any other football ever has.

Before the start of every professional NFL football game, athletes and spectators alike rise during the national anthem to honor and admire the country.

These men and women who stand for the anthem are proud enough and humble enough to realize how fortunate they are to live in the greatest country on God’s green Earth. However, Colin Kaepernick disagrees.

Kaepernick knew how his actions would affect his country, yet he was still selfish enough to refuse to stand for the national anthem. He refused to say “You know what? This country is pretty good.” Instead, Colin Kaepernick just sat there and watched as thousands of United States citizens pledged their allegiance to the most beautiful flag in all of the world.

Some people may say that Mr. Kaepernick has every right to sit there and deny the greatest country in the world. While they are correct in saying that he has this right, they should not be.

Colin Kaepernick is a grown man and was selfish enough to sit there and not even have the slightest bit of sincerity to say, “thank you,” to his country. This man was selfish and immature enough to sit there and not even give a second thought to the thousands of men and women who laid their lives down so that Kaepernick could sit in that stadium and behave like a child.

Colin Kaepernick has recently lost all of his sponsorships and was even dropped by the 49’ers and the NFL. Some Americans may say that this is disappointing, and that Kaepernick has no place to be in this  situation. Contrary to what they believe, this is not the case. Kaepernick knew exactly what would happen if he openly disrespected the country, but still he did it.

Kaepernick is so stuck up and selfish that he would openly sit while thousands of other Americans stood proudly and displayed what pride and joy they have for their country, as each and every one of them should.

Kaepernick, and all Americans, should not have the right to sit there and behave selfishly while war veterans sat in that stadium, in that audience, and remembered how they would have laid down their life for one of God’s greatest gifts to the world, America.

To Colin Kaepernick, with regards to the United States of America, love it or leave it!

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