Wrestling pins down strategies for upcoming season

It’s that time of year again of strict diet, weight cuts, and hours of mental and physical strain. Wrestling requires hours of practice and more hours of training. Dolphins wrestling season is about to be underway with Coach Dave Daily. Coach Daily started coaching Gulf Breeze wrestling last year in August. His first season went exceptionally well with a record of 25-3.

Coach Daily has been wrestling ever since he was in elementary school in Pennsylvania and ever since he has been actively involved in competing or coaching.

When Coach Alt offered him the position as a coach he was extremely happy to take the position. He loves the sport and says, “I am a big believer along with our coaching staff in giving back to the sport which made us successful people in our careers, and in life. Being a coach you must be a true Leader and not only possess the skills needed to instruct, teach and train, but also the ability to motivate and get the best out of each athlete.”
Take it from one of the athletes, Jacob Tisdale, senior. He says he is excited for this upcoming season with his teammates and looks forward to being a two-time district champion. His main goal this season is to help the team become district champions and make their way from there.

Being a wrestler is not for the faint of heart. A regular workout consists of a 5-10 warm up followed by 35-45 minutes of working technique. After that, they work for at least an hour of live wrestling on the mat. To finish their intense workouts the wrestlers complete a series of cardio, and that can include running, sprints, or stadiums. These sequences of workouts prepare the wrestlers for each match that lasts a total of six minutes separated in three periods.
After all, on the mat you are battling your opponent not only with strategy, but immense strength and endurance is required. If a wrestler is not physically prepared for the battle strength wise he will be pinned down before he knows it and if he does not have the endurance then he will be out of breath which may cost him the round.

Rocky Orourke, senior, says that because of their good season last year that this year they won’t change the program very much. “Some challenges for me this season will be cutting weight to 195, I am 210 as of now. Another one of my challenges will be switching from football to wrestling, and staying healthy for both seasons.” This will be Rocky’s second year wrestling. He says he was inspired by his friend and team captain, Drew Drollinger. After experiencing his first real meet, he quickly loved the sport and its competitive nature.

Gulf Breeze’s wrestling team are hopeful and positive for a success season this year. They are all willing to put in hours of dedicated hard work to achieve their goals. According to Coach Daily, he believes four to five of their wrestlers will compete at state championship this year. Gulf Breeze’s biggest rivals this year will be Tate High School and Pace High School.

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