Gulf Breeze Eagerly Awaits Eateries



Chipotle and First Watch are planning to expand their food chain in the Gulf Breeze area.

Emily Walsh, Entertainment Editor

  Along with the several other restaurants around the Gulf Breeze Proper area, a Chipotle and First Watch will now be added to the mix. Many people can not wait for the arrival of the new popular restaurants.

   For those who are unfamiliar with the new eateries coming to Proper, they are very nice and offer many delicious meal options. Chipotle Mexican Grill is a healthy, organic restaurant that offers many of everyone’s favorite Mexican dishes. From burrito bowls to burritos, they have it all. They also offer many additional toppings and add on’s to have with your meal of choice.

   Ava Hernandez, a sophomore at GBHS, said, “I’m excited that there will be new places to eat and hang out with friends after school. Also, Chipotle is one of my favorite places to eat!”

   Chipotle will also have a delicious neighboring restaurant next door to them. Gulf Breeze’s favorite brunch spot is coming to town, First Watch. The newest breakfast location will offer many healthy, nutritious breakfast and lunch meals. They have many meals to choose from including pancakes, French toast, yogurt, and more. There is even a kids menu for families with younger children. First Watch really offers food for everyone.

   Gulf Breeze is very excited to welcome Chipotle and First Watch to the area. The opening date has not been announced for sure yet, but the restaurants will hopefully be opening very soon. Students and families are anxiously awaiting the grand opening of these two food locations and cannot wait to enjoy the delicious meals these restaurants have to offer.