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Varsity’s New Players Changing the Game

The 2023-2024 Gulf Breeze High School football season has had an astonishing impact from the new players and new coach, reforming the team.   

Jackson Briley, Jake Frazetta, Roehn Maldonado, Evan Hernandez, and Caleb Baumen are sure to improve the game drastically. Freshman DJ Spence, KT Randle, and Zeke Burges have also claimed a coveted spot on the Varsity team.  

Last Spring, Gulf Breeze welcomed Coach Gierke to the dolphin home. Coach made many comments praising GB calling it “a very unique place… a tight-knit community.”  

Gulf Breeze football will be seeing a lot of changes to the game. “We plan to throw the ball more than they ever have.” Gierke said, “Our goal is to break the state record in passing.”  

The up-tempo offense will constantly keep the other team on their toes, and “our break-neck pace” will leave our opponents bewildered.  

The new additions to the team will help achieve the high goals placed upon them.  

This year’s players have come from as far as Alaska to as close as the Middle School next door.  

Caleb Bowmen (#75), who transferred from Lighthouse Christian Academy, describes his experience with the team so far, “the camaraderie that the guys had since I got here is what makes Gulf Breeze special. And the coaches are amazing, along with every single other person here.”  

Starting running back, Evan Hernandez (#3), feels a lot of passion for his team. “We all get along and…you know… work as a team. Sometimes.”  

Every team has their problems, but not Gulf Breeze. All the following players have joined the community of GBHS this past year and we are already seeing the repercussions of their actions. 

While the team did lose their past game, the new players shined above the rest. Jake Frazetta was able to score a touchdown against Crestview. Roehn Maldonado (#40), got a total of 12 tackles and Freshman starter, Zeke Burges (#22), had 2. 

The game against Crestview bulldogs was tough, but the transfer and freshman players as well as the rest of their teammates are keeping their heads up going into a home game Escambia Friday September 8. 

With all these incredible changes to the varsity team, Gulf Breeze High School is guaranteed to have a great and successful season and hopefully, for the first time in years, make it to the playoffs.