The Blue & Gold


September 11, 2019

Dear Editor,       I’ve seen too many girls get pulled out of class and up to a dean’s office because of our unfair dress code. The cheerleaders aren’t even allowed to wear their uniforms to school, yet I’ve virtually lost count of the guys I’ve witnessed strutting d...

Dating Diversity: the dolphin demographic

September 11, 2019

     MATTY MAMMEN      STAFF WRITER      Dating might sound pretty straight-forward, but it has changed drastically over time. A few decades ago, relationships that were anything but straight were thought to be insane, and in some countries, it was even i...

Gun control

September 6, 2019

     HARLEY HAMILTON      STAFF WRITER      Gun control has been a heavily discussed and debated topic in the country for decades now.  Many people side with The Constitution, which was written hundreds of years ago when our founding fathers had no...

Soul, not statistics

September 6, 2019

     WYATT SISE      OPINION EDITOR      On December 10th,  2018, my father’s dear friend from flight school became a statistic. His brain addled with PTSD from multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iran, he donned his full Marine Corps Colonel unif...

The growth of the breeze

September 5, 2019

     CORBIN GOBBLE      COPY EDITOR        The last year has been packed full of blueprints and town hall plans; we are rebuilding Gulf Breeze as we know it. Plans to make hotels and houses in every empty lot possible and further development on the b...

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