Letter to the Editor/Staff Editorial Response

Andrew Nettles and The Blue and Gold Staff

Letter to the Editor: From Andrew Nettles

   This submission is in response to the Staff Editorial entitled “Ukraine – A Call for the United States to Unite” in the March 2022 issue of “The Blue and Gold.”

  News-Lords at the Gulf Breeze Blue & Gold Staff and Chief Justiciar Kenneth “Ken” Killam,

   I, a concerned citizen and student, have recently viewed the Staff Editorial in the newest edition of the Blue & Gold Newspaper. To specify, this article was in regards to the current invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, wherein the article seemed to suggest that it would be necessary to declare war on Russia and invade Ukraine in support of the Ukrainian people to unite the United States in a common cause. I am writing to this publication today, March 10th, in the year 2022, to ask if I interpreted this statement correctly, but, moreover, to ask if the members of the writing staff would be, in the event of such a conflict, willing to die on foreign soil in combat for this theoretical cause which they have so proposed; would the nerve and conviction, the zealous love of the United States of America so held by the writing and editing staff of this high-school produced news publication remain intact as mortar and artillery shells rained down from on high, and the furious whine of bullets being traded to and fro whirled about them? Would they be able to weather the harsh Ukrainian winter, with supply lines shortened, and K-Rations freezing in their pockets? Would they, having suggested this future outcome, lie on their draft card, or at the recruitment office, regarding their age so that they may take part in combat as soon as it were to break out? Would they take up the mantle of defenders of democracy and freedom, and bear the phrase “Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori” and be willing to lead a charge not seen on a magnitude since their forefathers of the Light Brigade made a similar charge in Crimea? What this message is truly asking is this: would those who wrote this be willing to live, and possibly die, with the future they have, in this students eyes, advocated for? I eagerly await a response. Thank you.

   Regards, Andrew Nettles


Staff Editorial: Response to Letter to the Editor

  Hello Andrew and thank you so much for writing a letter to the editor; we love to get repsonses and feedback from other students! On another note, we do want to adress your concerns and answer your questions. For a short answer, yes, you did misinterpret our editorial. We suspect the phrase, “they say it takes a war to achieve true peace, and however unfortunate this is, it needs to be now,” was perhaps a reason for confusion. However, never in our editorial did we explicitly mention anything about our military or sending over troops to fight Russia. Rather, we hoped that this overseas crisis could unite America domestically, as it is an issue most everyone take the same side on. Instead of getting involved directly in Ukraine, Americans can take actions at home to support Ukraine. For example, if everyone is on the same page about Ukraine politically, many might be inclined to advocate to Congressmen and Senators to expand our welcome to refugees. There are many ways America can unite and aid Ukraine without having to directly fight Russia. Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and we hope you continue to read the Blue and Gold.