Daylight savings should be put to an end 


Emily Walsh, Assistant Editor in Chief

   “Spring forward” and “fall back” are two phrases that most people truly hate. Daylight savings occurs twice a year, but many states are doing away with the time change. I think the entire country should get rid of daylight savings for many reasons because it really doesn’t make sense.   

   I used to enjoy daylight savings time, but this was the first year that I realized how much I dislike the time change. Usually, the time goes back an hour in November and goes forward in March. The spring change is super nice, and I wish it would be like this year-round. 

   The only two states in the country that don’t observe daylight savings are Hawaii and Arizona. The individual states have their own state laws to keep the hours from being switched. I know I am not the only person who wishes that daylight savings would not be observed nationwide. When the sun goes down earlier, it makes people more tired, and we cannot enjoy the evenings due to the darkness outside. More people prefer to do activities in the evening and at night than to get up when the sun rises. I may be a morning person, but I can say right now that I will not be waking up with the sun at six in the morning.  

   It seems that some steps have been taken to put an end to this law in Florida, but we are waiting for congressional approval. The state of Florida sent this law back in 2018 and we are still waiting for congress to approve five years later. This is ridiculous. Five years waiting for approval while the residents of Florida wait. This isn’t a state problem; it’s a higher problem. Florida isn’t the only state that is trying to do away with daylight savings. For the past five years, around 19 states have put in a law to ask for the time to remain unchanged. That’s almost half of the country! I wish the government would look around and see what is being asked and worked for.  

   Clearly, I am not the only person who hates the darker hours earlier in the day. The time shift can affect schedules and put people in a groggy mood. I have heard many parents complain about this time of year due to the fact that they don’t want their young kids being out after dark. This limits the amount of time these kids have since the sun starts setting early afternoon, and is completely set before six p.m. Many people don’t wake up when the sun rises, so the day feels so much shorter. At the same time though, when it is darker earlier, people feel exhausted by the time dinner rolls around.  

   I can easily say that daylight savings should be put to an end. Who knows when it will be outlawed, so until then the wait continues. On March 11, it will be time to prepare to “spring forward,” and head into the warmer seasons. Prepare yourself for one less hour of sleep and be ready to wait—who knows if daylight savings will ever be put to an end.