Queen Elizabeth dies at age 96.


A picture commemorating Queen Elizabeth is displayed among flowers at her funeral.

Kiera Decesare and Stephanie Eager


   Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor died peacefully on Sept. 8, 2022, of currently unknown causes in Balmore Castle, Scotland, after reigning for seventy years, the longest any British monarch has reigned. 

   Her son, formally Prince Charles, is now the king of England. The new king says that “This is a moment I have been dreading.” The Queen left behind four dogs, which will be taken care of by Prince Andrew and Sarah, as well as leaving behind four children, Anne, Andrew, Edward and Charles.  

   As well as Charles becoming King, William and Kate Windsor, who were formally the Duke of Duchess of Cambridge, are now the Prince and Princess of Wales. Prince William is now first in line for the throne, then William’s son, George. 

   The United Kingdom is in a state of national mourning and will remain in one until the Queen’s funeral. All flags in the country will be flown at half mast, and many political leaders from around the work, including Joe Biden, will be attending the funeral. 

   Queen Elizabeth’s father, King George VI, was the second son of Edward VII. While Elizabeth was born into royalty, she was never a true heiress to the throne. This is because her uncle was supposed to be the king, as he was the first-born son. Things changed when King George VI’s brother, Elizabeth’s uncle Edward VIII, quit the crown. This put Queen Elizabeth’s succession to the crown in order. 

   In 1940, Queen Elizabeth II made her first public speech to the commonwealth while World War II commenced. In the speech, she said, “When peace comes, remember it will be for us, the children of today, to make the world of tomorrow a better and happier place.” Following the speech, Elizabeth joined the military as a driver under the Women’s Auxiliary Territorial Service. 

   Later, in 1947, Queen Elizabeth married her husband, Lieutenant Philip Mountbatten, two years after the war concluded. She had her first son Prince Charles in 1948; then continued to have three more: Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, in the years following.  

   Finally, in 1952 Elizabeth took the crown after her late father died, her coronation was the first to be televised. A year later, she presents a speech to the commonwealth in Westminster Abbey. Which said, “Throughout all my life and with my heart I shall strive to be worthy of your trust.” 


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