New Restaurants Arriving to Gulf Breeze



Chipotle and First Watch are planning to expand their food chain in the Gulf Breeze area.

Ava Nicholas, Staff Writer

Chipotle has become one of the most popular chain restaurants in North America. The most popular aspect of Chipotle is the build-your-own opportunity for wraps, bowls, and other customizable foods alike. Gulf Breeze is now welcoming this new restaurant with open arms, before this location, Gulf Breeze inhabitants had to drive to Pensacola near the Cordova mall to get Chipotle. With the building being right adjacent to our Gulf Breeze High School, the owners and workers can expect a very heavy teenage clientele. 

While there were multiple false alarms, the rumors were confirmed true that a Chipotle was coming to Gulf Breeze, in what was supposed to be 2022. Of course, with the series of setbacks and delays, it opened in March 2023. In 2018, a billboard was released claiming a Chipotle would be coming to Gulf Breeze’s Tiger Point Publix complex, this was deemed fake. Because of this, Chipotle enthusiasts lost hope that the Mexican fast-casual restaurant would be coming to Santa Rosa County anytime soon. However not long ago, Gulf Breeze’s director of communications confirmed that the chain would have a new location in the space now addressed as 713 Gulf Breeze Parkway on the corner of U.S. 98 and Daniel Drive. The addition of a chipotle has been well anticipated, and for good reason. The Mexican style grilled food has been one of most people’s staple places to eat. The customization aspect of Chipotle gives many the opportunity to still have good Mexican food while also maintaining their dietary needs. 

Most have noticed that accompanying this new building is a second building with a similar style called First Watch. While this restaurant is not running yet, many expect its opening. First watch has been known as a healthy and nutritious option for breakfast meals. They have many meals to choose from, including the classic pancakes, waffles, yogurt, and fruits. First Watch will certainly get a lot of new customers because up until then, only a handful of restaurants offer good breakfast in Gulf Breeze proper. 

Gulf Breeze High School students, as well as people living in Gulf Breeze, will welcome these new and exciting restaurants with open arms. The long-awaited arrival of these places will have people buzzing for quite some time. The new food and hangout spots will make great new additions to our town in the perfect time for summer.