Miracle League Baseball Strikes Diamond


Photo by Jon Rose.

Jon Rose, Creative Editor



   On Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2022, the Santa Rosa County Miracle League kicked off its fall baseball season at Tiger Point Park. The Miracle League gives children and adults with special needs or disabilities the opportunity to enter the athletic world. 

   Each Miracle League team gets their name from a Major League Baseball team; for example, the teams in the adult league include the Astros, Cubs, Marlins and Red Sox. 

   Jodi Russell, a member of the Miracle League executive board, gave some insight on the background of the program.  

   “Miracle League gives adults an opportunity they never got when they were younger – to participate in sports,” Russell said. “There was nothing like this for them when they were kids.” 

   Karla Thompson, the “team mom” for the Cubs adult team, enjoys giving back to her community and growing closer connections through Miracle League. 

   “I enjoy meeting the players and their families,” Thompson said. “Being a team mom is fulfilling because it’s fun. It’s just a game – there’s no competition. My favorite part of being the Cubs’ team mom is leading and encouraging the players to do their best and have fun.” 

   Thompson later added, “Everyone plays to the best of their abilities. All the players are different, but when they’re on the field, everyone is playing the same game.” 

   The Miracle League is also a great way for students to earn service hours. Students, who are in at least sixth grade, can get two service hours for each game they volunteer in. 

   As “buddies,” students and members of the community assist players by going around the bases with them and standing in the outfield. Buddies also have the responsibility of protecting players from fast hits and foul balls.  

   Along with being buddies, students can also volunteer to work in the concession stand, serving food, drinks and candy to the Miracle League families and other sports taking place at Tiger Point Sports Complex. There are also opportunities to be the bat person for each team, a catcher and even take on the role of the Miracle League’s mascot, Homer. 

   To get involved, a sign-up link can be found on the Santa Rosa County Miracle League Facebook page. 

   Miracle League is a definite home run for players, buddies, coaches, and families.