Savvy Girls Helping Girls


Picture of the club’s founders.

Keilani Flores , Staff Writer


Savvy Girls Helping Girls is a club started and run by co-founders and co-presidents, seniors Savannah Smith and Katelyn Kirby. The purpose of this club is “making other girls in other areas that are less fortunate, more fortunate,” explains Smith.  

Smith mentioned that she started this club because of her astonishment at how there are no female clubs here at Gulf Breeze High School that are aimed at supporting girls. She states, “At my old school there was a lot of female groups of ‘how can we help girls in other areas,’ and at this school there wasn’t any.” She wanted to start this club in hopes of helping other girls in need of resources, such as feminine products or even clothes. 

Savvy Girls was originally supposed to start up last year; however, due to certain unfortunate events, it was unable to successfully form. This is the first official year of the club in action, thanks to the help of Kirby. “[Katelyn is] really organized and helps me really follow through on everything,” Smith added.  

Both leaders expect and plan for those who are involved in this club to have an enjoyable experience and receive a numerous amount of service hours. Kirby explains that Savvy Girls will try and find a national day every month that correlates with women, like “Breast Cancer awareness month,” to try and spread awareness and the importance of specific issues women deal with. Both also explain how they are going to try and collaborate with big institutions like Andrews Institute to help create a bigger impact on helping girls in need. Kirby explains that they are open to any ideas from club members on ways to help girls. She gives an example of this, as she states that they were “pitching [their] ideas to a senior who mentioned that she was a part of a group that helped deal with sex trafficking.” Both Smith and Kirby found that it would be a great idea to incorporate Savvy Girls with this group to help fight against actions like this.  

Some concerns that these girls have faced while in the process of forming this club are their clashing schedules and finding a place to hold their meetings. Smioth reports that over 100 people have already signed up for the club and finding a place large enough to fit everyone was a challenging task.  

The club is said to be “low maintenance,” as most students are constantly busy and is open to all grade levels from freshman to seniors. The main source of information for meetings and important dates will be found on the Band App these girls set up. Kirby and Smith say they are ready for the start of this club and are excited to see everyone at their first meeting!