Hot vs. Cold Weather 


Ariana Flores , Staff Writer


              The leaves are beginning to change color, crispy cold air is blowing, the need for hot chocolate grows; fall is now upon us. Just a couple weeks ago, warm sunny summer days were among us with the temperature progressively changing from hot to cold. This brings the question many people ponder over: “Is hot or cold weather better?”  

I believe that hot weather has many favorable qualities over cold weather. For instance, many people enjoy the benefits of being able to cool off at the beach with their friends on a hot day, or even by snacking on a cold refreshing drink or treat while enjoying the warm weather.  

Gulf Breeze High school senior, Thomas Baltz, states, “My favorite time of the year is summertime. I enjoy being able to spend time with my friends in the summer heat and being able to cool off at any point of time, just by simply jumping into a pool.” I agree with Baltz; hot weather brings a lot of fun, no matter the occasion.  

Hot weather has many other benefits besides being able to enjoy a warm sunny day at the beach and cooling in a pool. For example, hot sunny days offer health benefits to many people. Many people prefer to exercise in warmer weather. I love to go outside on a beautiful sunny day and play sports, like basketball. I also enjoy running and exercising. Physical activity allows me to be in a better mood, whether it’s walking a mile or running a 5k. Going on a jog on a sun filled day allows the jogger to gain vitamin D, while also being productive. According to, states, “77% of people are vitamin D deficient because they don’t get enough sunlight.”  As you can see, there are many benefits to warm weather. 

Cold weather offers many disadvantages, from being stuck in the house due to the cause of ice on the roads to no hot sunny beach days left. What many students do not realize is the cancellation of school days due to snow and ice may lead to additional school days being added at the end of the school year. I believe that this is a negative effect of cold weather. Though at the time it may seem nice for school to be cancelled, when students realize they must make up school at the end of the year, it can be very frustrating.   

Cold weather even has the ability to cause heart problems, such as a higher risk of heart attacks. “When you’re outside in the cold, your heart works harder to keep you warm,” states, Healthline. Another major occurrence during cold weather is the start of dry skin and runny noses. Winter brings cold weather and in return can suck the moisture out of your body. Everyone is also running around spreading germs contributing to your annual cold every year.  

Overall, some may believe that colder weather is better than warm weather, though I believe warm weather has many more serviceable qualities—not only because it provides an easy way to have fun, but also because it supplies many health advantages.