Should teachers be allowed to carry firearms


Ariana Flores , Staff Writer


   Many people struggle with the idea of allowing teachers to carry concealed firearms in schools. Some argue that allowing a teacher to carry a concealed firearm is a danger to the student’s learning environment. They believe there is no place for weapons of any kind on school grounds.  I believe allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons would make schools a safer place.  

   Many current school shootings are carried out by students who at some point attended or currently attend the school. These individuals have first-hand knowledge that firearms are not allowed on school grounds. They know that if they do decide to carry out their plans there is no one to stop them until help arrives. However, if select faculty could carry firearms and be given the proper training needed to defend students and staff members, school shootings could be greatly reduced. Just the possibility alone that a teacher or staff member may be armed could be all that is needed to keep a shooter from carrying out a deadly shooting. It has been found that in countries that allow a teacher to be armed, the number of school shootings have decreased drastically. 

   The idea that a teacher may have to take the life of a student regardless of the fact if they are the shooter is difficult, especially for the teacher and one that they should not have to worry about; however, today it is a very real concern. Of course, the threat of arrest along with prison time should discourage criminals; however, these individuals are clearly not thinking correctly. So, the idea that potential victims can defend themselves also poses a threat. With all said, the idea of people being armed creates a greater risk for the active shooter. 

   Some may argue that relying on police officers is a sufficient resource for safety during school shootings, but what about the number of lives taken before the police arrive to the scene at the exact moment or fail to react accordingly? The Police do play a significant role in stopping crime, but they often arrive at the crime scene after the crime has been committed or towards the end. Given the circumstances, every life matters. The police can only do so much to arrive at the crime scene as quickly as possible, allowing time for the shooter to cause casualties. This shows that when crimes occur, many people do not have the luxury of time to rely on police but to act fast and to defend themselves 

   School shootings have become increasingly more prevalent over the years to the extent that active shooting drills are now a required event for every school nationwide. These activities are imperative to help students feel safe and understand what to do in case of an active shooter. When in danger, schools instruct faculty members and students to take cover, even under an unpredictable circumstance without time to prepare. If this situation were to occur, it could leave many people in harm’s way. Currently, the school’s only defense against an active shooter besides calling the police is what they learned from practice drills. Students should not have to worry about whether guns should be on the premises to protect them whether with a teacher or school officer. However, today the number of school shootings makes this a constant worry. Schools have always been a safe, gun-free environment, but with the changing of times, arming responsible adults with concealed firearms and proper training would not only make the student safer, but deter a shooter from entering the premises.  

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