Artist of the Issue: Grace Ann Damann


Grace Ann poses with Dr. Karen Barber after receiving an award for her work.

Emily Thomas, Editor in Chief

   Every month, The Blue & Gold News magazine will choose one artist from the school to be featured for “The Artist of the Issue.” The artists are chosen and voted on by the newspaper staff. For the month of May, there was no doubt about which artist should be featured in The Blue and Gold.  

   Grace Ann Damann, a senior here at GBHS, developed a love for art at a very young age. Since Damann began taking art classes as an 11-year-old, this appreciation has grown tremendously. Damann credits a lot of this appreciation to her past art teacher in Louisiana. “My 8th-11th grade art instructor, Kevin Lindholm, has been one of my biggest guides and inspirations throughout my artistic career,” said Damann. “When I began art classes, I questioned how someone could possibly teach art; it seemed like something one simply just did. Mr. Lindholm not only taught art, but he gave me a new perspective on the world around me. I no longer saw an image for what it was, but I saw its contrast, dimension and dynamics – something I wouldn’t trade for anything.” 

    Damann uses numerous mediums of art including graphite, pen and ink, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylic ink and more. Of these, however, her favorite is charcoal. Lately, Damann’s newest interest has been clay. Damann moved to Gulf Breeze High School in August, having never done pottery before in her life. However, it had always peaked her interest. “I finally had the space and opportunity to learn how to use clay to create ceramics and other pottery and haven’t stopped making it since! I’m enamored by the complexity of this art form and the process of throwing, glazing and firing,” Damann stated. After taking a few months of 3D art at school this year, Damann has invested in her own pottery wheel to continue this art form at home, in addition to school. 

   Recently, for her submission of a painted teapot, Damann has received an award for being a Top 25 Senior Artist in Santa Rosa County. “I am so grateful to have received this award for my first attempt at a tea pot, especially having only put my hands on a pottery wheel for the first time a few months prior,” Damann says. 

    Going forward, Damann always plans to pursue art. Creating brings her a great deal of joy, especially when it’s for others. She would love for this to play a role in her future education and career. As she prepares to graduate this May, Damann has this parting message: “Gulf Breeze High has been such a wonderful place to facilitate my love for art and exploration of new mediums. I’m incredibly thankful for my teacher Mrs. Susan Hoffman for her guidance in developing not only the skill, but a love for pottery.”