Summer assignments shouldn’t be allowed


Emily Walsh, Assistant Editor in Chief

   It seems crazy to say, but there is just over one month of school left. Students at Gulf Breeze couldn’t be more excited for all that summer break has in store. With that being said, the dreadful distribution of summer packets and reading is upon us. I personally think that the whole idea of summer homework is uncalled for. Students need time off to rest, relax and rewind.  

   With most AP and honors classes come packets and books to be completed before the start of the next school year. Typically, on the first week back in August, students are given an assessment to test our comprehension on the given material. This just doesn’t make sense to me. The two and a half months after the last day of school is quite literally called ‘Summer Break.’ The word ‘break’ is in the name. Students can’t possibly be forced to do schoolwork the entire twelve months out of the year. It just isn’t reasonable. We need time off, time to spend with family, time to travel, and more! 

   I understand that the reason for summer work is to keep our brain sharp and to prevent forgetfulness of certain topics from the previous year. However, many students either don’t complete the summer work or push it off until the last week of summer. At this point, the work is useless.  

   Usually, a math packet is given to “help” retain math skills for the upcoming math course. But they don’t do much to “help” us. If I am being totally honest, I wait until the last two weeks of summer to complete the packet. Why? Well, because my brain is fried after end-of-year exams, and I want to enjoy the beginning of my summer without the stress of completing some packet. So, I push it off. There truly is no benefit to doing it at the start or end of summer though. If students complete the packet in the beginning, they forget what they have completed by the start of school. If you choose to complete it two weeks before, like me, then you have forgotten everything you already know. There truly is no winner here.  

   As far as summer reading goes, the situation is about the same if not worse. Let’s be honest, half the kids don’t even read half the books, if any at all. Spark Notes most likely becomes your best friend on the first week of school. It would be more beneficial to actually read the book in class, considering students may be more likely to focus.  

   It is also true that many students choose to enroll in courses over the summer break through Florida Virtual or another online education program. This is their choosing, though. Many students want to get ahead in certain courses, so they sign up for these classes over the break. They may have more time to complete these assignments, while others are busier. At our age, many students are working more during the summer. I work full time during the summer due to just not having the time during the school year. Adding homework to this time interferes with this especially when we are supposed to be on a break.  

   Students shouldn’t be expected to constantly be working.  I know for a fact that I am not the only one that thinks this. We are only teenagers for so long and we should be able enjoy this time off while we can. Summer work isn’t necessary, especially when most students ignore it. We aren’t learning or gaining anything from it. I think it would be to everyone’s benefit if the school just did away with it.