Movie remakes just are not as good as originals



    “Lion King,” “The Mummy,” “Halloween,” and many more have been remade at least once. Few remakes are even better than the original film, many remakes never surpass the original film. 

    For example, “Psycho” was an amazing film when the remake came out, causing a major commotion among fans of the original film. The reason why everyone hated the remake was due to the ambiance of the original film being ruined by the remake being displayed in color and little difference between the two films. 

   One more example of a bad remake is “The Wicker Man,” since the remake took everything from the original and tried to make it more pleasing, only causing the film to be less thrilling and mysterious, making it more comical with few fights in the film.

    It is rare for the remake of outstanding films to be as great as the original film; for example,  “Ocean’s 11” was a great film that had a remake and that remake was better than the original film by having more updated, lighthearted scenes and being different enough to not be an exact copy of the original. Another example of an excellent remake is the 1978 remake of “The Invasion of The Body Snatchers,” since the film took everything great about the original one: put it in a more modern and relatable place,  change the names of characters to more modern and change characters’ jobs to be more relatable.

    Sometimes the outcome of remakes just aren’t what people were expecting after the original.