Fall Trends


Picture of 3 Jack-o-lanterns.

Gabriel Thornton, Entertainment Editor


Fall is a fan favorite season and it’s coming fast. With the crisp air and orange leaves, many enjoy the nice change in temperature. However, the weather isn’t the only thing to look out for. Many autumn- exclusive trends are on the way.  


The first thing that many people think of when they hear the word fall is “pumpkin spice lattes”. This delicious drink is available at both Dunkin’ and Starbucks and is offered in both hot and iced varieties. If coffee isn’t for you, you’re in luck because pumpkin spice isn’t exclusive to drinks. Pumpkin spice candles and even pumpkin spice perfume are here to bring the seasonal scent into your life.  


The cold weather is finally hitting us, and while some prefer the summer, many autumn enthusiasts are excited to be able to wear more than one layer of clothing. With the change of temperature also comes the change of color. The overall palette of the season shifts to more neutral colors such as brown, beige, grey, white and black, as opposed to the bright blues, oranges, greens and reds of summer.  


Another exciting addition to the fall experience is the change of scenery. While the grass might be less green, so are the trees and as the leaves slowly die, many bright colors emerge. Beautiful reds, oranges and yellows pop out and turn otherwise unassuming streets into picturesque promenades ready for the perfect Instagram post.  


The final fall trend worthy of this list is the age-old tradition of the pumpkin patch. Local farms take advantage of the seasonal harvest of pumpkins and corn to make a profitable side hustle. These farms turn their land into an enjoyable autumn attraction. With hayrides, corn mazes and the aforementioned pumpkin patch, it makes for a fun time for the whole family.