House of Dragons


Picture of the cast at the premier of the show.

Corbett Davis     , Entertainment Editor


      “Game of Thrones”, an HBO original based off a series of novels titled “A song of Ice and Fire,” has captivated audiences ever since its initial release back in April of 2011. Whether it be the legendary sword fights, intricate love triangles or enchanting creatures, the show had something for everybody. However, after eight years of dominating the television industry, the show concluded with an unsatisfying final season, which left many fans of the show howling for more G.O.T. content. 


      In August of 2022, “Game of Thrones,” fanatics were granted their wish as HBO released another original series called,” House of Dragons.” The new show takes place 180 years before “Game of Thrones.” The new series follows House Targaryen, the ruling family of Westeros at the time. The Targaryen family stands out from the others because of their characteristic white hair, elvish features and their family specific ability to tame and ride dragons. Their monopoly on these creatures is what led them to power and maintain said power. These dragons are what allowed them to stay the most prominent family in all the seven kingdoms for hundreds of years. House of Dragons follows the reign of King Viserys. 


      Though the new show is not finished with its new season, “House of Dragons” has already introduced several fascinating characters and has made numerous multi-yeared time skips throughout the show. One of the first characters the audience is introduced to is Princess Rhaenerya, the King’s troubling young daughter with a fiery spirit. Right from the start, one can tell she will play a crucial role in the things to come, as her right to being heir to the throne is being questioned. Initially, the King’s outcast brothe,r Daemon, is made to sit on the throne if something were to happen to the King. However, after some missteps from Daemon, the King decides to choose a new heir. Since Westeros had never had a female ruler up to that point, there are serious doubts as to whether or not Rhaenerya is fit to sit upon the Iron Throne. This conflict boils throughout the show as we jump from year to year within the show’s timeline, it is clear that issues over who is to precede the crown have never been completely solved. 


      “House of Dragons” is now on its seventh episode, but it is not too late to get into the medieval action. “House of Dragons” does not require any prior knowledge of “Game of Thrones” in order to watch and enjoy it, however, I do recommend watching “Game of Thrones,” as both shows have me absolutely hooked. Warning though, both shows are rated M for mature and for a good reason. Both shows are wonderful choices if you are looking for a show to get lost in and binge.