SZA releases new album


Emma Hamman , Staff Writer

   On Dec 9th, SZA released her new album called “SOS”. The album was released through Top Dawg Entertainment and RCA Records. 

   Solana Imani Rowe, professionally known as SZA, is an American singer and songwriter. The 33-year-old artist was born on November 8th ,1989. There is no information on who her parents are but, her father was an executive producer for CNN and her mother was an AT&T executive. 

    Born in St. Louise Missouri, she began making music in 2010. She released two extended plays before signing with the record label Top Dawg Entertainment. She then released “Z” in 2014. 

   SOS features many different artists including, Pheobe Bridgers, Don Toliver, and Travis Scott. The songs on the album consist of, “SOS,” “Kill Bill,” “Seek and Destroy,” and others. 

“SOS” confidently states that SZAs ex will never find better than her. In the songs that follow, SZA enhances her storytelling and explains that this failed romance has left her more broken than she initially lets on, which is something her audience can connect to. “Kill Bill” touches on themes of jealousy and growth, going through the emotions of someone trying to move on from an ex.  

Each song in “SOS” has lyrics that feel both like an overshare but also the things that you would not have admitted crossed your mind. “Notice Me” is a perfect example of this, looking into the mind of someone desperately trying to get someone to notice them. 

The album is based off a young woman reflecting on her relationships, trying to rationalize her actions, and wondering if it was all worth it in the end. 

  The album has remained Number one on Billboard 200, a record ranking chart of the top 200 albums and EPs released in The United States.  

   The album has been popular on social media with fans raving about how the songs make them feel. The lyrics are relatable and understanding which builds appeal to the target audience.  

   Many interviews on the internet claim the album SOS is even more enjoyable than her 2017 debut album “CTRL.” The themes of the songs on this album are retribution, nostalgia, and ego building. 

“SOS” is a perfect example of SZA speaking her true feelings on subjects that might be difficult to discuss usually. 

   SZA has successfully mastered the art of inner monologue. She transforms deeply personal observations into songs that feel intimate, relatable, and unheard of.