9/11: A time to memorialize


Photo from AP Images

On the anniversary of 9/11, the tribute light shines to the sky where the Twin Towers once stood.



As another year passes, Americans continue to remember the fateful day of 9/11. Everyone affected by this event continuously remembers the tragic moment and mourns about it every year.

   Even the younger generations, that weren’t there, are able to still see the everlasting damage it did to the people of the United States. Of course, many people mourn in different ways. Some schools even do learning activities to talk about what it did to the economy and to moral of the country.

   Other people go to the memorial located at 180 Greenwich St, New York City. This place was built in 2006 and has been visited countless times during the year to remember the lives taken in the tragedy. Some go to the second memorial that was put up at the Pentagon consisting of the names of those lost when one of the planes struck the building.

   Another major memorial is in Shanksville, Pennsylvania where the third plane had crashed after the passengers took control back from the hijackers.

   Here you will find the Wall of Names. Almost everyone will be mourning this day. One of the people who mourned is Mrs. Davenport.    Mrs. Davenport was in the military at the time it happened. She “takes a moment of silence” in remembrance. Other people may choose to stay home and skip work or school and maybe connect with family to get through the day. 

   It is a hard day to get through and is one that can break people all over again when they remember the friends and family lost in the event.

   It’s a rough time for all Americans, and many of us would like to go back in time to warn somebody about it and prevent the event.

It led to safer and more secure United States of America.

   So, for this 9/11 anniversary, many took a moment of silence for all of those who died differently from others. Thousands of names deserve to be remembered on the memorial of 9/11.

   As most of GBHS knows, Gulf Breeze has many ways of learning about what happened on 9/11 and memorializing it.

   Many classes did group activities on how the towers were built, how people on the flights felt about what was happening and other activities for students to be aware of this sad time in history.