GBHS Student Favorites



   Freshmen: Countless freshmen were asked about what they liked, disliked, and expected about high school. The answers varied from expecting a bigger cafeteria to it’s too crowded. Many freshmen had the idea that the high school would be bigger and grander. Many were impressed with the food and freedom of the cafeteria while others hated the small hallways and the limited time to get to their classes.

   Others like the hallways and their “unique” style with many posters and paintings. Most didn’t expect pep rallies or the football and homecoming dress up days, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like them. Almost all freshmen love the dress up days, feeling it makes the school day more fun or just a way to show off their personality. They think that there should be more during the year to keep the school days more intriguing and exciting. But some can find it distracting and just plain stupid.

   Sophomores: The current sophomore class is the largest class so far. This isn’t very surprising as we have students who come from several middle schools in the county and even some who joined us from further out. But after surviving freshman year, we wanted to know what they thought about the school, and their likes and dislikes of the school. Their feedback was generally positive with little grievances.

   Josh Brown was one of those who were interviewed for their views and told us that he “expects school to teach us everything we need to know for the future, for when we are adults.” Other sophomores really enjoy the atmosphere of the school.

   Another thing that the class of 2022 likes about the school is the teachers. The teachers here are one of the best around and it shows. Some grievances, however, are how crowded the lunchrooms are at times and how you must push and shove your way around the overcrowded hallways in order to get your classes.

   Juniors: Junior year is considered by most as the most grueling year for highschoolers. But on the brightside, they are going to be seniors next year and thrilled that they are no longer sophomores. By the time they became juniors, they experienced their own fair share of ups and downs of the past years. With all of that experience gained and a fresh look on the school, we asked the same question we asked everyone else. What is your favorite and least favorite things about the school?

   The answers we got varied slightly from person to person and, unsurprisingly, from the other grades. One of the juniors that we’re questioned was Ian Sakari. Ian Sakari said that his favorite thing here at GBHS was our band. He didn’t really have a least favorite thing though. But that’s a good thing because not everyone needs to dislike something about something or someone.

   Seniors: The class of 2020 is surely excited to be seniors, maybe a little distressed about their future and how their high school career is about to finish in little over nine months. Some of them will enter the military, others college, and some may go straight into jobs.

   But all this planning for the future does not stop them from having final opinions on the school. When asked about her favorite thing about the school, Abby Mortensen says that School spirit, dress up days, and pep rallies were her favorite things. She told us about how one of her least favorite things about the school was how competitive the academics are because she said that it’s just plain stressful.

   Seniors also do gain some perks for their last year of school, like a parking spot in front of the main entrance which they can paint whatever their creative hearts desire. We will surely miss the seniors when they graduate this upcoming summer and will most likely forget exactly what they said, but their opinions and views on the school will still be here on paper.