Artists of the Issue: Bach and Mayor

Leah Feitshans, Staff Writer

  Bella Mayor is a senior at Gulf Breeze High School who was highly recommended for this month’s artist of issue. She is an incredible artist who is taking AP art this year and her favorite color is purple. Bella started taking art freshman year in Ms. Hoffmans 3D art class just for fun until she realized she had a talent and continued for all four years of high school.

   Even though Bella has no family relatives that do art, she still has amazing talent she started on her own. Bella’s personality really flows through with her art style, and she even had a theme for the year which was water. Every piece she did was related to water such as droplets, pools, water spilling over, and way more. For Bella’s inspiration, she looks to the app ‘Pinterest’ to get all her latest ideas for a project. And for one project, it can usually take her up to three weeks to finish.

   When asked if she would pursue this as a career, she said, “no, this is just for fun. I would not take this into a career.” She simply wanted to do pottery as a class in high school and enjoyed it, just for fun.

   George Bach is also a senior at Gulf Breeze High School who is also in Ms. Hoffmans art class. He started doing art in elementary school as a way to get out of P.E. class and realized he loved doing it. His favorite color is blue, specifically periwinkle. The materials he uses are pottery, clay, and ceramics to make his pretty dishes.

   When asked if anyone in his family did art, he said, “my grandfather did art. He used to have an art shop in downtown Pensacola, where he sold his pottery and woodwork.” His main inspiration for his art is experimenting. If he finds an art style he likes, he just goes with it. And he grows with his talent and skill work the more he does it. The duration for one project for George is a few days if he’s forced, and when he is zoned out it can take 20-30 minutes. An all-around project takes up to three weeks.

   An adjective for his art is wonky and his emotions expresses into his art relates to his religion, and he just goes with the flow for it. He doesn’t want to make this a career either, just simply a hobby.