Fine Arts Day Returns with a Splash


Jon Rose

Fine Arts Day allowed for JROTC, Drama and other clubs putting on their own performances for the student body to watch and cheer on.

Emma Hamman, Staff Writer

  Gulf Breeze High celebrated some of its talented students on Fine Arts Day, allowing their hard work to be shown to all of the students.

   Jennifer Day and Susan Hoffman, both art teachers at Gulf Breeze, greeted everyone at the double doors and explained the art pieces to students who were curious.

   After the walk through the staff and students at the school went into the gymnasium for an assembly honoring the drama department, dance team, cheer team, color guard, band and the JROTC.

   The JROTC started out the assembly with the national anthem and their performance. The dance team performed two entertaining routines with the help of a dance teacher subbing in for an injured team member. The drama department put on multiple plays done by students in the drama club.

   There were solo performances, duo performances and group performances put on for everyone to enjoy.

   The cheer team unfortunately could not attend the assembly as they were in Jacksonville for a competition but, a video was recorded and showed at the assembly of the cheer team doing routines so they could still be honored as a subject of the fine arts day.

   The color guard put on a show as well, including baton and flag twirling. After, the band played and everyone did school-based cheers about the dolphins.  

  Towards the end of the event, a few students sang solos and duets for the students’ enjoyment. After the assembly was complete many students stayed in the gym to give more school spirit, including the band who stayed after to lead the students into a cheer with their instruments and the color guard who made a circle on the gym floor to get students to join in on the school spirited cheer. This fine arts day was an amazing chance for many students and teachers to show their creativity with their talents.

   Juliana Henry, a 9th grader at Gulf Breeze said the fine arts day was “a wonderful experi-ence to see what talents people have, especially the people you wouldn’t expect.” The fine arts day was a way for the school to come together and show spirit in a new and unique way. Apart from the usual assemblies this event let people express who they were even if they were not on a labeled “team.”

Students walked through the art hallway looking at the artwork that was done right here in school. (Jon Rose)