Elon buys Twitter


AP Images/Evan Agostini

Musk is buying Twitter for $44 billion.

Emily Walsh, Entertainment Editor

  On Monday, April 26, Twitter announced that they have made an agreement for Elon Musk to take over and buy the platform. Musk will not actually take over the platform for a few more months, but many changes will be made once Musk is in control.

   According to Twitter’s term of agreement, Twitter Stockholders will receive around fifty-four dollars in cash for each individual share of the company’s common stock. What many people may not know is what happened prior to the business deal.

   Ten days before Twitter made the agreement with Musk, they were trying to compose a plan to stop Musk from accumulating more of the shares. After a few days of attempting to stop the deal, Twitter was running out of ideas.

   By this point, Elon Musk had already been working and lining up his offer to the company. Twitter’s main concern was wondering if the shares were worth fifty-four dollars apiece. After one more day, the forty-four-billion-dollar deal was revealed and announced.

   Twitter has been accused of censoring voices that it does not agree with. Musk wants everyone to feel free to share their own personal viewpoints.

   He stated that he bought the platform to “defend democracy and to protect freedom of expression.”

   This occurrence has caused a huge political divide. Many people who currently have Twitter accounts are upset by this change. On the other hand, hundreds of people who have either deleted their previous accounts or who have never had an account, are beginning to download the program.

   Even though Twitter won’t be under Elon Musk’s control for a few more months, the news has already spread all over the country. The country has mixed feelings about the situation, but soon Twitter may be different than it has ever been before.