Mrs. Whibbs Retires after 32 Years at GBHS


Ken Killam

In our opinion — Best Librarian Ever!

The Blue and Gold Staff

   Mrs. Whibbs graduated from Florida State University with a Bachelors and Masters degree in Library Sciences, thus kick starting her career as a librarian. Whibbs started off as a librarian at Catholic High in 1983, then came to GBHS seven years later in 1990, where she would finish out her career.

   After nearly 40 years as a school librarian, Whibbs has learned a great deal about being a teacher and mento to students. “It’s about helping students find their way — not just through books, but through life lessons,” commented Whibbs. “In the twilight of my career, it is less about librarianship and so much more about mental health and caring for the whole student.”

    With those 40 years also comes a great deal of memories. One of Whibbs’ most memorable was the time a squirrel got in through the ceiling tiles and jumped at her and the other librarian at the time. They started talking to it in squirrel, and after a while, chases it through out the school until it finally left out the cafeteria back door.

   Of course, Whibbs will be greatly missed by all, and she will miss many at the high school. “I will miss the great people who I work with everyday that cared for the whole student.”

   We will all miss you Mrs. Whibbs and we wish you all the best in retirement!