Teacher of the Issue: Mrs. Edwards


Emily Walsh, Assistant Editor


   Every month, the Blue and Gold Newspaper will choose one teacher from the school to be featured for ‘The Teacher of the Issue.’ The teachers are chosen and voted on by the newspaper staff every month. There was no doubting this month’s teacher of the issue for ‘The Blue and Gold.’  

   Mrs. Edwards, a marine science teacher, is going into her 13th year of teaching this upcoming school year.  She began teaching in 2010 at Pace High School and made her way to Gulf Breeze after the first semester.  

   Edwards completed her undergraduate degree at Auburn University after majoring in Microbiology. “After struggling to find a job, I decided to pursue my master’s degree in biology at the University of West Florida,” Edwards said.  

   As many students know, Edwards teaches marine science. This class is loved by many students and is different than most science classes. She states, “The field of marine science is so vast that I never get bored. It incorporates biology, chemistry, physics, and geology. I love learning new things.”  

   Though there are many sciences and aspects involved in marine science, Edwards has a favorite. Edwards recalled, “I especially love the biology component of marine science, ecosystems and the wacky adaptations that organisms develop to live there.” 

   In the past, Edwards was the coach of the school’s swim and dive team, but this year she decided to take part in other school activities. “This is the first year here that I haven’t coached the acclaimed Swim & Dive Team, however, I’ll keep myself busy as sponsor of the Marine Science Club, Interact Club and Coastal Mentoring Club,” she stated.  

  Edwards enjoys many other things in her spare time. Edwards said, “I enjoy spending time with my family (we’re a tight group!), hanging at the beach, kayaking and paddle boarding. I also enjoy cooking and snuggling with my Labrador while binge watching the latest show.”  

   Edwards loves teaching at Gulf Breeze, her students and her fellow teachers. “My favorite thing is the comradery of the teachers and staff and the good friends I have made (shout out to the best science department!). Of course, it also helps when you have the high caliber of students as we do at GBHS too!” 

   Edward’ students and fellow teachers all appreciate the work that she does here at Gulf Breeze and they can’t wait to see what else she accomplishes and teaches this school year.