Teacher of the Issue: Ms. Hamstra


Ethan Horn, Staff Writer

   Cailyn Hamstra, a history teacher here at GBHS has been picked for the February edition of teacher of the issue. Hamstra started at GBHS in 2021 and won the county rookie of the year award. Her students describe her as organized, kind and very hardworking. 

   Hamstra graduated from GBHS in 2016 and immediately went to college. Hamstra went on to study at Florida State University. When she was asked why she chose FSU, she said, “Neither of my parents were college graduates, so I was not really tied to going to a specific school. But during my senior year of high school FSU had everything I wanted, so I chose there.” Hamstra earned her bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and her Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. As of right now, she is also working on her Doctorate in Curriculum Instruction at the University of West Florida.  

   Here at Gulf Breeze High School, Hamstra is a World History teacher. She teaches from 1515 AD to current world events. When asked what her favorite event to teach is, Hamstra said, “My favorite event in history to teach is the Age of Imperialism in Africa, specifically the crimes against humanity that occurred in the Congo. It is something that most students do not know about, but had long lasting, adverse effects on the world.”

   Ever since she was a little girl, Hamstra always wanted to become a teacher. “When I was little, I would line all my dolls up and play teacher with them.” Her biggest inspiration to become a teacher came from her time at FSU. Hamstra said, “When I was at FSU, I had the opportunity to help in the local community with the less fortunate; that really opened my eyes and made me want to help kids.” Hamstra also said, “I’ve always wanted to be a teacher to make a positive impact on the kids that are one day going to rule the world.” 

   Being a teacher comes with its difficulties, but Hamstra always puts in the effort to make her class enjoyable and educational for all. Sophomore Cinciere Jones said, “Her class is very fun, and the lessons all make sense.”