Artist of the Issue: Colleen Sexton


Colleen’s art, Want your Palm Read?, stands in a display case.

Kiera Decesare, Online Editor

Colleen Sexton, a sophomore at Gulf Breeze High School, was chosen for this month’s Artist of the Issue. She was chosen for her ingenuity, work ethic and attention to detail.

Sexton has been doing art since she was three years old. Since starting high school, Sexton has become really excited to do art. Art has become more of focus and She says that “Recently I’ve been extremely passionate about art and I have been considering art as a career.”
Although she enjoys working with a variety of materials, her favorite mediums to work with are clay, plaster and acrylic paint. Sexton says that she does not dislike working with any mediums in particular, but she is unfamiliar with some medium. Sexton says she is open to working with any material or mediums.

Sexton likes to do art for a variety of reasons. For instance, she loves art’s therapeutic nature. For Sexton, art is the perfect way to destress. Sexton says, “I love art for many reasons. One of my favorite things about art is its subjective nature. There’s no way to be good at art, because it’s all about who is viewing it. Art can have thousands of interpretations.”

Sexton gets inspiration from a variety of sources. She takes inspiration from the world around her and from nature. She gets a lot of inspiration from her own brain as well as getting inspiration from the music she listens to. Sexton loves art from many artists, but her favorite artist is her grandfather, who she calls Pop Pop. She is also inspired by other art students around her.
Sexton believes that the creative process is very important. Good, quality art can’t be rushed. Some pieces take Sexton months, while other pieces only take her a few hours or days.

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