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Chloe McMillion Unites Community with C4C Club

Every year, millions are impacted by the death-defying effects of cancer. While patients fall with the suffering, loved ones commonly feel the heartbreak that comes with the news.  

Connect 4 Cancer(C4C) has been started by Chloe McMillion to, “show support to the people in the community who have been affected by cancer.” 

Maggie Corley will be serving as vice president, Isabelle Owens as treasurer, and Anna Claire Ruffin as secretary. 

The club plans to meet every first and third Thursday of the month with the first meeting being September 7th in room 962. 

Mr. Taylor will be sponsoring the club. When asked why he decided to sponsor the club, Mr. Taylor stated, “I had cancer and I want to help other people fight against it.”    

The club will be extremely active in the community. C4C plans to participate in many fundraisers like car washes and spirit nights and festivals.  

C4C’s festivals entail a run at the Gulf Breeze track to support cancer research and members of the community who have cancer that need that extra help. 

Connect 4 Cancer club members will also be brought to Relay for Life at UWF in April.  

Over the summer, club founder, Mcmillion, found out her own father had been diagnosed with this tragic disease. Her father’s diagnosis inspired her to start C4C. 

“He’s always been by my side so I wanted to be by his,” Chloe hopes the club will help families like hers that are struggling with the news. The entire Gulf Breeze High School will also be by their sides through these challenging times. 

According to the American Cancer Society there’s an estimated 1.9 million people who are diagnosed with cancer in America every year and 609,360 of those people lose their lives from it.  

No club can change nor deny these statistics but C4C can help carry the load of stress for those who need it. 

Your family may have never been directly affected by cancer, that’s lucky. These millions of people are fighting for their lives every single second and I almost guarantee you know someone who is a part of that group. 

Show your support for those who have to experience the grief, and if you are someone being currently impacted by cancer, come to the C4C meetings or donate to the cause to tell others that you’re willing to help.