What Lies Underneath the Deep


Photo by AP Images



     Recently, in our very own Gulf Coast, an interesting and dangerous bacteria has entered the waters. Its scientific name is “Necrotizing Fasciitis”, or more commonly known as the Flesh Eating Bacteria you’ve probably heard about. This particular strain of bacteria creates a disease that infects its host through an open wound, and begins feeding off its tissue, slowly deteriorating all the other tissue around it. Multiple accounts of this disease have come out into the public as of late, and not just in our Gulf. It has been found all over a variety places with warm water, like Texas and California. Everywhere, global warming has increased the temperature of waters. Gulf breeze, and Destin is known for its warm water, summer sun and white sand. Some people think this bacteria has always been in the water while others think the water was contaminated by the people dumping trash, and other debris into the ocean, with warm waters allowing bacteria populations to explode. However, there are ways to protect yourself from the bacteria, and many of us are not at any risk to it. Unless you have an open wound or an unhealthy immune problem, it is unlikely you will be harmed. If you want to avoid these minor problems here are some ways to defend against cuts and scrapes. Avoid eating raw oysters and raw shellfish, wear protective clothing on your hands and feet, stay out of murky water, and try not to expose open wounds with salt or dark water. Lucky this will not last too much longer with the cold winter on its way this bacteria is expected to tone down, and decrease. The warm climate all over the beaches was always something that dragged tourists from all over the nation, as people drove down our roads, through our towns and to the beach. We have to remember to clean our beaches and remember what we are putting in our waters could be deadly, clean our waters, and our sand so we will not have to deal with this problem again in the future.