Dating Diversity: the dolphin demographic



     Dating might sound pretty straight-forward, but it has changed drastically over time. A few decades ago, relationships that were anything but straight were thought to be insane, and in some countries, it was even illegal. Nowadays, dating seems to be a very complicated topic.

      From homosexuality to bisexuality to pansexuality, the people of today’s day-in-age have adapted to the new forms or relationships. Its now common that you will see people of the same gender, happily in a relationship. Along with the differences in sexuality, there is also many relationships that consist of students in different ages.

     In Gulf Breeze, students that are dating within different grades tend to catch feelings for one another, regardless of age. Despite the frequency of these relationships, there are many opinions on whether these sorts of relationships are considered to be “okay,” which seems to start quite a bit of controversy. These controversies include riots and protests against these things and how they are “unnatural.” This may be the case in some places but this is where Gulf Breeze High School stands out. At Gulf Breeze High School, the students tend to be fairly respectable of other people and how they express themselves. Whether this includes relationships,  formality, the way they dress, or even what music they listen to.

     Dolphins tend to travel as a pack, which is how we act here in Gulf Breeze. I believe that anyone should do whatever they feel they need to in order to express themselves and be happy, as long as it follows school rules and isn’t too extreme. These extremities entitle going overboard or starting fights over things like this. Yes, everyone has the right to demonstrate themselves in order to show how they are different from the average person, but there should also be a limit to how expressive one should really be. We must walk the line between expressive and excessive, in order to create a welcoming environment for ALL Dolphins, no matter their race, sex, or creed.