Should we prioritize electric car use


Ava Nicholas, Staff Writer

   Over the past few years, there has been an increasing divide between people that support gas-powered cars and rechargeable electric cars. Some believe that gas-powered cars are fine to use, while the people that support rechargeable cars say that they are far better for both the environment and the consumer. It is known that gas-powered cars are bad for the environment because of the pollution they produce into the air. Unfortunately, both sides of this dilemma have brought this beyond just casual conversation and it has become a big political issue. 

   Electric cars have existed since the late 1990s. However, car companies have upgraded these cars and turned them into stylish and eco-friendly options for transportation. Many countries and some states have already announced plans to ban sales of new gasoline vehicles within the next decade or so. While people debate on each side of the issue, it is undeniable that electric-powered cars cut down on carbon emissions immensely. One of the main debates is the eco-friendly advantages that come with rechargeable batteries in cars. However, this goes hand in hand with the argument that electricity is more expensive per kilowatt than gas per gallon. Another benefit of the electric-powered car other than the environmental effect is has, is the luxury of charging one’s car at home. The EPA estimates that the electric Kia EV6 would cost $550 to fuel over the course of a year, while the gas-powered Kia K5 costs about $1950, this is only if the electric car owners only charge at home. If the electric car owner charges at restrictedly a fast-charging station, which is unlikely because of the cost, the annual cost would rise exponentially to $1850 per year. Electric-powered vehicle sales in the United States have also risen, with the rise of about 60 percent in EV registrations in the first quarter of 2022. They still only make up about 4.6 percent of the overall car market, however that number may quickly continue to climb in the next few years. 

   While the debate of whether or not gas-powered cars or electric cars are better, the advantages of both can be argued. The luxury of having an electric powered car can be very nice and easy on the conscience because the consumer is helping the environment, however the cost can be a deal breaker. The convenience of having a gas-powered care is much easier than the electric car, however the carbon emissions can build up and adds to the already increasing issue of pollution. In the future, when we students are grown enough to make the decision to buy a new car, consider both arguments and decide which advantages and disadvantages best suit your lifestyle. 

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