Conversation with a Freshman Varsity Athlete


Jonathan Rose

Bella Satterwhite prepares for a point during a volleyball game.

Jonathan Rose, Photo Editor

   Bella Satterwhite is a 14-year-old freshman who grew up in Gulf Breeze and starts on the GBHS Varsity Volleyball team. She has been player-of-the-game 3 times this year.

   How long have you been playing volleyball?

    I have played a total of 6 years of volleyball, I started playing at the Rec in 3rd grade, and started playing club when I was in 6th grade.

   What got you interested in volleyball?

   I played all sports when growing up, but volleyball was my true passion, after the first practice I fell in love with the game.

   Is it difficult playing with senior teammates?

   No, I absolutely love it, from the beginning they took me in and made me feel comfortable. Playing with the seniors and the juniors had been my favorite part of the season, they have taught me so much and I am so grateful for the opportunity to play with them. The lessons I have learned from them go beyond volleyball.

   How does it feel to hear the stands chant “She’s a freshman!” after a good play?

   It’s really cool! It gives me adrenaline and a confidence boost!

   What’s your plan with volleyball after high school?

   My goal is to play for a top-level division 1 program.

   What would you recommend to other freshmen who want to play at a varsity level?

   To dig deep and work hard because it’s not going to come easy.