Swinging Into the Postseason


contributed by Holland Davidson

A member of the GBHS Girls’ Golf Team takes a swing during a competition

Jakob Willis, Guest Writer

   As the 2021 girl’s golf team enters the postseason, they prepare for yet another shot at the State Tournament Championship. The run to states has been supported by Team Captain Taylor Reeves, Holland Davidson, Mia Hobbs, Sydney Holderman, and Gabby Branning.

   Having been with the team since freshman year, Reeves has seen the team make it to states for the past two years. Her expectations of the team are high as she stated, “I think the team did really good this year, but our entire goal is to make it to states. To do that we need to get past districts and regionals.”

   Last year Reeves was 10th in rank to a tournament of twenty teams, each team with five players. In terms of success, the team has had much this season. Holland Davidson won Pensacola News Journal’s Player of the Week award for her performance at Tanglewood Country Club as she shot a score of 38.

   The next week however, she shot a score of 37, the best score of any Gulf Breeze girls golf player in the 2021-2022 season. According to Reeves, “Our entire team has improved this season. All the girls have done great this season and I’m proud of them all.” The team’s goal is a three-peat of districts and regionals, their endgame being states.

   As Taylor said, the team needs to win their way there, and this pro-cess will start next Monday where districts will take place.