Dolphin Dancers Leap for Success


Jon Rose

Senior Juniper Anaston dances with the GBHS Golden Tide at the Fine Arts Festival.

Kristen Thompson, Editor-in-Chief, Online

  Gulf Breeze High School’s dance team, the Golden Tide, works hard to perform and give their best throughout the year. The team performs at Dolphin Stadium before football games in the fall, takes to the court during halftime of basketball games in the winter and participates in competitions in the spring and summer.

   Along with performances at football and basketball games, the dance team takes part in every pep rally at GBHS during football season. Notably, they perform a country themed dance for the rivalry week pep rally before the Gulf Breeze v. Navarre game.

   For further insight on the dance team, I interviewed one of the senior co-captains, Juniper Anaston. Anaston has been on the dance team since freshman year but has been dancing for almost their whole life.

   “My favorite part of dance team is having a solid sense of an encouraging team and friends,” Anaston said.

   For Anaston, holding the top role comes with challenges, but they face them with encouragement from the other members of the dance team.

   “I always reassure myself that the team never judges and that if I mess up while teaching, they are understanding and patient,” Anaston shared.

   Of course, every dancer has a favorite piece or genre that they like to perform the most. Anaston is no different.

   “I like hip-hop dances a lot,” they revealed. “This year’s swing dance was particularly one of my favorites, as my fellow captain, Brynn Thayer, and I were the ones who choreographed it.”

   As for recent events, the Golden Tide took part in this year’s Fine Arts Day on Jan. 21, 2022. During their set, the dance team performed an energetic hip hop routine. The student section was entertained as they showed support for the talented team.

   The Golden Tide hope to compete in a competition this summer, which would be their first since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

   “We go to a competition that encompasses many dance teams from around the south,” Anaston shared. “I just hope the dance team has fun with whatever we are doing, as dance is supposed to be fun.”

   Anaston closed off the interview with advice for anyone who is considering trying out for the Golden Tide next year: “Go in expecting a decent bit of work and commitment, but also to have a lot of fun throughout the year.”

   To keep up with the Golden Tide, check them out on Instagram, @gbhsgoldentide.