The Premier League

Ethan Horn

    Since 1992, the Premier League has been at the top of English football. The league features 20 teams, with three being relegated every year. The purpose of the league is to provide an extremely competitive competition with world-class players. Still to this day, the Premier League is the most viewed football league in the world. It attracts about 4.7 billion viewers annually.    

    Throughout the league’s history, there has been six teams dubbed the “Big Six” that have always been on the top. Those teams being Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham and Manchester City. When asked about his prediction for the current season, Chance Osborne, a sophomore, said, “Liverpool won’t finish in the top four.” Some people think that teams outside of the big six have a shot at winning.  Jack Treesh, a sophomore, said that he thinks Leeds United will win. Although they have never won the league, this might be their year. Treesh said, “I love the Americanship there. Jesse Marsch as the manager, Tyler Adams in midfield and Brenden Aaronson on the wing. I hope Christian Pulisic gets traded there so he can play too”.  

     A very overlooked part of the Premier League is relegation. When a team is relegated, they get sent down to the second division of English football. To be relegated, a team must finish as one of the bottom three teams in the Premier League. But, at the same time as teams are getting relegated, teams from the second division are getting sent up. The teams that finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in the second division get promoted to the Premier League. Thomas Haddock, a senior, said, “I think that AFC Bournemouth, Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest will be relegated.” Many teams that get relegated stay in and out of relegation for years, always having to fight for their spot in the Premier League.  

    Recently, in the Premier League, a new signing has taken the league by storm. Erling Haaland was bought from Borussia Dortmund by Manchester City for 85.5 million euros, which is equal to $84,855,943.04 USD. In the six games he has played, he’s scored ten goals and assisted one while also bagging three hat tricks. With these stats, he’s on track to break Andy Cole and Alan Shearer’s record of 34 goals each. At his current rate, Haaland could smash this record by scoring a projected 63 goals in 38 matches. Good health and consistency will be needed for this incredible feat.