Chasing for the World Cup


2 players fighting for the ball.

Ethan Horn, Staff Writer


Since the tournament started in 1930, the World Cup has been a sought-after title. The tournament starts with 32 nations and the teams thin out in between the rounds. Only eight teams have ever won the World Cup. 

   In its 98-year legacy, the cup has only been held by eight nations. However, certain nations have won the cup multiple times. Brazil, the only team to be featured in every World Cup, has won the title a total of five times. They are also one of the frontrunners for this year’s World Cup. France, Argentina, and Uruguay have all won the cup twice. Italy has won the World Cup four times but failed to qualify for this year’s tournament. 


The World Cup is held every four years. Because of audiences this can see a fair number of legends playing in their last World Cup this year. Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar J.R. are just a few of the iconic players that will be playing in their last World Cup. When students were asked who they were most sad to see playing in their last World Cup, the consensus was Lionel Messi. Ethan Carruth, a sophomore, said, “I’m sad to see him (Lionel Messi) in his last World Cup. I hope they (Argentina) can win it all for him.” 


After every tournament they award the “Golden Ball” to the most valuable player. During the last World Cup, it was given to Croatia’s Luka Modric. Getting this trophy doesn’t only depend on individual success, but the team’s success. Many people think that Neymar J.R. has a good chance of winning the trophy this year. This is a very sought after trophy by any player. This shows that you can perform at your best on the biggest stage. 


After winning the 2018 World Cup, France is looking to achieve back-to-back trophy wins. However, there are some serious teams that threaten their chances of winning this year. Many USA fans speculate that the United States will have a shot of winning this year with the likes of Christian Pulisic, Westin McKinnie and Gio Reyna backing the team. There are also European and South American teams that also pose a threat. As said before, Brazil has a good chance of winning the World Cup, with veteran Neymar J.R. leading the team. Brazil also has lots of younger talent such as Vinicius J.R. and Rodrygo. From Europe there is Spain, who is managed by mastermind Luis Enrique. After this tournament, Spain is going to have to find a new captain. Spain’s captain, Sergio Ramos, is at the end of his career.