Dolphins Secure Critical Win Against Pace


Dolphins playing the game.

Hayden Brown, Sports Editor

   Dolphin football continues its undefeated district run (update) with wins against Pace, Milton (others). In the game against the Pace Patriots, the Dolphins won with a close 35-28 score at the opposing team’s home field on Sep 30. The game was close until the very end; both teams scored 14 points in the first quarter and seven points each in the second and third quarters. Quarterback Battle Alberson scored the game-winning touchdown on a pass to wide receiver Bryson Rouillier. With time still in the game, punter Cade Lombardo attempted an onside kick, which was subsequently recovered by free safety Lumpy Deweese, securing the win for the Dolphins.  

   This game was very important for the Dolphins. The Patriots are also in district 1-4 A, marking their defeat as an important district win. This increases the Dolphins record to 2-0 (update) in district play. Quarterback Battle Alberson threw for 411 yards and was selected as the Player of the Game. “It felt great, It’s always a great feeling winning a big game like that,” said Alberson.  

   The next game on the Dolphins schedule was against the Pensacola Catholic High School Crusaders on Oct 6 at Catholic. The Dolphins were not as successful against the Crusaders as they were against the Patriots, ending the game with a 17-38 loss. However, the Dolphins were without their star player Brock Clayton, who was out with a concussion from the Pace game. Without this valuable wide receiver, the Dolphins could not play at full strength. The Crusaders are also a formidable opponent. The Crusaders are undefeated, and have won games against powerhouses such as St. Stanislaus in Mississippi. They are first in their district, and sixth in the state of Florida. Despite this, the loss was still disheartening to the team. “I felt really disappointed. I think anyone with a heartbeat would. I also found that I needed to regroup and refocus as we still have all of our goals still on the table,” said senior Battle Alberson.  

   The Dolphins played Tate on Oct 21 at Tate High School, and (score). (District). 

   The next game will be on Friday, Oct 28 at 7:30 at Dolphin Stadium. The Dolphins will face the Navarre Raiders. Not only is this an important rivalry game, it is also the Dolphins Senior Night. Just this year, Gulf Breeze has also moved up to Navarre’s district, so this game will also be important in determining the Dolphin’s place in district rankings. Navarre is undefeated in district play (update), and has a 4-1 record (update).  

   Another upcoming match is between the Dolphins and the West Florida Tech Panthers on Nov 4 at 7:30 at Dolphin Stadium. While West Florida is not a district game or significant rival like Navarre, this game is still important. It is Gulf Breeze’s Homecoming game, so this is important for the morale of the school. West Florida Tech is undefeated in their district (update), and has a 5-2 record (update). However, they lost significantly to Pace with a score of 42-14, while Gulf Breeze defeated them. This does shine a hopeful light on this important game.