Varsity volleyball ready for games with star players



  The Gulf Breeze Volleyball team faced off against Pensacola High last week with a neck and neck game, with extremely talented players on both sides. 

   The first set started out close enough, with the Tigers squeezing out of the Dolphin’s grasp with a 25-11 set, leaving the Tigers with a lead for only a moment. In the second set, the Dolphins retaliated, evening the score with a 15-25 set, bringing the wins to 1-1. The crowd stuck with the players, cheering on the players with every single point. And with how expertly the Dolphins performed in the second set, it’s not hard to see why. 

   The final two sets took victory away from, the Dolphins, leaving the final score at 3-1. While it is unfortunate that the varsity team was defeated, this game was only the second loss of the season, a feat that would be impressive if it was anything but expected from the volleyball team. Consistent wins is something that comes almost naturally to the Dolphins. 

    Throughout the game, a whopping 129 serving aces were scored, meaning that 129 separate times, Gulf Breeze served the ball without the Tigers touching it even once. Number five Lauren Kellen was a powerhouse, blocking nearly every ball that came her way, with much appreciation from her fellow teammates. 

   And who doesn’t love a team player? Number four Anna Marks had 300 assists during the duration of the game, working closely with every single one of the other Dolphins. While this game did end as a loss for Gulf Breeze, it has little to no effect on the varsity team’s glistening record, boasting five separate shut out games, and seven wins in total. While some teams struggle the mental feat of keeping their cool at away from their home court, the volleyball has yet to lose an away game, and shows no sign of stopping. 

   Few other teams in our area have such bragging rights as these. As they always do, the Dolphins varsity volleyball team will pick themselves up by their bootstraps, practice hard, and pull out another win. Thus far into the season, at best they’ve had five day gap between games, and this week is no different. The very next day, the Dolphins will face Escambia at yet another away game. 

    We wish them best luck from here at Gulf Breeze.