Girl’s volleyball Promising season


Landon Boger

The Gulf Breeze girls’ volleyball team is looking very promising this year, having defeated teams like Tate and Pensacola High with a current record of 10-3, and only losing 3 games against relentless powerhouses Buford, SCDHS, and Venice. The girls stand with a positive record which places them in the upward position in district standings but have only played one district game against the Tate Aggies. Their most prudent opponent, Navarre, is placed first in district concurring both Milton and Tate in district matches. 


 While the girls have lost more games than they would like, the girls stay as strong as ever. Jasmine King, the coach of the Dolphins, put together a tough schedule in order to sharpen their skills. Teams like Buford and Seacrest County are the top teams of their regions, which are believed to benefit the Dolphins on their journey for a state title. The Ladies also have big shoes to fill due to the loss of last year’s seniors but seem to have some players like Cameryn Brooks and Jordyn Gerow who are taking on those responsibilities. 


Jasmine King believes her Dolphins are ready for whatever there is to come later in the season, but also has lofty expectations for them on and off the court as she states, “I hope that the girls become better off the court with their personal goals and that I can look back and feel confident.”  King would also like to secure a spot in the Final Four this season and says, “We 100% Have the skill and ability, we just have to believe it ourselves.” 


Addy Tolbert, an outside hitter for the Dolphins, expressed excitement about moving forward with the team. Though she is a new addition to the team she says,” There are a lot of new people on the team, but the dynamics haven’t changed.” Tolbert also wants a state title but knows anything can happen. The main focus expressed by Tolbert is for the ladies to work hard and play to the best of their abilities. 


The Dolphins lost some star players last year consisting of Lauren Kellen, Alejandra Burger and Hannah O’Grady, which helped the program end with a record of 24-5. The Dolphins are looking to build off those losses and low expectations by shocking the district with a title. Moving forward we can hope to see the Lady Dolphins rise to the occasion.