March Madness has Insane Final

Ryan Hoffman, Staff Writer

  March Madness is the largest college basketball tournament in the United States for those who do not know. The March madness fi nals ended in a close game between the schools of seed 1 Kansas and seed 8 North Carolina with a score of 72-69, with Kansas coming out on top. Kansas swept the Midwest division with games against Texas Southern that ended in a blowout win for Kansas with the score of 83-56, a game against Creighton in round 32 with Kansas winning 79-72. In the sweet sixteen round, Kansas won a game against number 4 Providence with a winning by five points with a final score of 66-61. For the elite eight round they blew past Miami then going on to play the number two seen Villanova in the final four round. Kansas easily won with a score of 81-65 to secure a spot in the finals.

   The runner up North Carolina started off March Madness playing the 9th seed Marquette, easily winning, and moving on to the next round. For the 32 round they played the number one seed Baylor in the East division, winning by seven. During the sweet sixteen round, they were playing UCLA who just beat Saint Mary’s in a blowout game. North Carolina, however, still took the victory again, winning by seven points. During the elite eight round they were matched up against number 15 seed Saint Peter’s who just came off big games against Purdue, Murray State and even the number 2 Kentucky in the first round, even though they were the clear underdog. But North Carolina did in fact put them out of their misery, winning by twenty points. Following the blowout game against Saint Peter’s, North Carolina then played a close game against Duke that saw North Carolina winning by 4 points, securing the second spot in the NCAA Championship.

   With these two teams winning their divisions, they went off together in the championship round. The game started off with an early first half lead by Kansas who was up 7-0 in the fi rst few minutes of play. North Carolina then went on a run and caught up with Kansas, keeping it a close game until they went on a run of their own surpassing Kansas 40-25 by halftime. By the second half, Kentucky had a lot of catching up to do, but North Carolina’s off ense had been consistent, until Kentucky went on a break 6 minutes into the half keeping the two teams close in score. Two drives by Kentucky put them on top by three points with little under a minute left. And following a call made by the refs that gave Carolina the ball, a pass was made to Caleb Love to shoot the game-winner shot for Carolina with 4 seconds left. And with the game on the line, he absolutely airballed it and Kentucky won with a score of 72-69.